Registration price for 2020 is $250.
Package includes golf tournament fees, $100 Gift Certificate, meals for Mon/Tue evening for players and players family members.

Note: Gift Certificate must be used on Monday of the tournament at the mobile gift shop setup at Weeks Park Golf Course.

Please be ready to pay WHEN you register. We are no longer allowing players to create registrations and leave them pending in the system. We appreciate your understanding as this affects our ability to plan for the tournament. Remember, if you are not able to attend you can withdraw and get up to 100% of your registration back (date specific - see details).

If you purchased an official bib during the 2014 (or later) TOJRGOLF Tournament you can use it. If you did not, you will need to request one for your caddy. You can add a bib to each player during registration.
All Caddies assisting tournament players MUST HAVE an OFFICIAL Texas-Oklahoma Jr. Golf Tournament Bib (pictured below).
GET REGISTERED: We treat all returning players as "new" and do not store any previous years login information. If this is your FIRST TIME HERE FOR 2020 click the link to BEGIN registration for 2020. BEGIN Registration
FORGOT PASSWORD: Use this link to retrieve your information so you can login. Retrieve username/password

You can leave at any time and return later to finish your registration.
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You can add, edit, and delete players until they are error-free.
Texas Oklahoma Junior Golf Tournament will not be responsible for
any errors PLEASE check your registration before paying.